Industrial Engineering and Management

DepartmentTitleNameAcademic BGSpecialityTeach a Subject
IEMProfessorLiang, Yun-ChiaPh.D. in Industrial & Systems Engineering, Auburn UniversityMeta-Heuristics,Intelligent Computing,Production Scheduling,Logistics Management,Image Processing Operations Research
Operations Research(II)
Heuristic Optimization
IEMChair ProfessorTsai, Du-MingPh.D. in Industrial Engineering, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USAMachine Vision & Automated Visual Inspection, Manufacturing Automation Simulation
IEMProfessorChen, Chi-KuangPh.D. in Industrial Engineering, University of Wisconsin at Madison, USABusiness Excellence Management, Total Quality Management, Service System Management, Business Process Reengineering, Behavioral Decision Analysis, Group Decision Analysis Introduction to Industrial Engineering
Research Methodology
IEMProfessorChen, Yee-MingPh.D. University of Leeds, UK.System Fault Detection and Diagnosis, Data Fusion and Mining, Software Multi-Agent, Expert System Introduction to Industrial Engineering
IEMProfessorTsai, Chieh-YuanPh.D. in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, University of Missouri-Columbia, USAProduct Data Management, Data Mining, E-Commerce, RFID Technology and Applications Computer Programming
IEMProfessorTing, Ching-JungPh.D. in Civil Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USASupply Chain Management, Transportation System Analysis, Logistics Management, System Simulation Analysis Creative Problem Solving
Facilities Planning
Transportation Management
IEMProfessorSu, Chuan-JunPh.D. in Industrial Engineering, Texas A&M University ,College Station, Texas,USAElectronic Commerce, Business Process Re-engineering, Enterprise Resource Planning, Virtual RealityNetwork Information Application
Enterprise Resources Planning
IEMProfessorChen, Yun-ShiowPh.D. in Statistics, Ohio State University, USAReliability Statistical Analysis, Statistical Quality Control Design, Statistical Analysis in Data Mining, Economic Control Chart Design, Demand Forecasting AnalysisEngineering Statistics
Experimental Design and Applications
IEMProfessorCheng, Chuen-ShengPh.D. in Industrial Engineering, Arizona State University, USAQuality Control, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Quality Engineering, Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Applications of Artificial Neural Networks Quality Control (Lab)
IEMProfessorTseng, Yuan-JyePh.D. in Industrial Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, USAComputer-Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, Computer Graphics, Supply Chain Management Graduation Project
IEMAssociate ProfessorHu, Huang-DerPh.D. in Industrial and Management Engineering, University of Iowa, USAComputerized Facility Planning, Engineering Economic Analysis, Engineering Ethics, LogisticsFacilities Planning
IEMAssociate ProfessorLin, Chen-JuPh.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USAQuality Engineering and Management, Spatiotemporal Statistical Analysis, Process Capability Analysis, Applied Probability and Statistics Linear Algebra
Probabilistic Analysis
IEMAssociate ProfessorLin, Ray F.Ph.D. in Industrial & Systems Engineering, University at Buffalo, SUNYHuman Factors in Product Designs, Human-Control Movements, Human Factors in Healthcare & Patient Safety, User-Centered DesignHuman Factors(I)
Work Study
Usability Engineering
IEMAssociate ProfessorSun, Tien-LungPh.D. in Industrial Engineering, Texas A&M University ,College Station, Texas,USA3D Serious Game, 3D interactive digital content, Virtual Reality Data Visualization
IEMAssociate ProfessorChung, Yun-KungPh.D. in Industrial Engineering, The University of Iowa, USABio-Computing, Object-Oriented Web-Based Applications Design, Intelligent Systems Design, MRP/JIT Production Systems Graduation Project
IEMAssistant ProfessorLee, ChiehPh.D. in Operations Management, Washington State UniversityGlobal Supply Chain Risk Management, Operations Research, Logistics Risk Management, Operations Management in e-commerceCalculus(I)
Applied Statistical Analysis
IEMAssistant ProfessorTsai, Chi-YangPh.D. in Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan, USASupply Chain and Inventory Management, Production and Operations Management, Production SchedulingProduction Planning and Control(I)
Production Planning and Control(II)
IEMAssistant Professor Chou, Chin-MeiPh.D. in Department of Environmental Ergonomics, Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University, JapanEnvironment Ergonomics Design, Applied Ergonomics Design, Ergonomics Applied in Protective Clothing Design, Kansei Engineering and Physiological Anthropology, Universal Design Creative Problem Solving
IEMAssistant ProfessorWu, Gen-HanPh.D. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Pennsylvania State University, College Park, U.S.A.Production and Operations Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Applied Operations Research, Decision Analysis, AlgorithmOperations Research
Operations Research(II)
IEMAssistant ProfessorJen, Hen-YiPh.D. in Construction Engineering and Management, Purdue UniversityProject Management, Process Analysis & Simulation, Lean Production & Services, Service Engineering Engineering Communications
System Analysis and Design
Service Industries Design