Announcement for major registration and major change

In order to register for a major or change your major, please turn in all necessary documents and application forms before May 15, 2020 , thank you.


Other relevant notes:

  1. Applications for a change of major are not restricted to certain semesters, please refer to the announcements made by the department office for more info on the time periods of the applications
  2. Students must take the compulsory courses, and choose courses offered by the department (DE*** courses). Please refer to the curriculum for major-specific compulsory and elective courses. Students are only allowed to choose non-English courses of subjects if they have failed once. In the event of other special occasions, the decision is made by the chairman, International program in engineering for bachelor.
  3. In the event of overlapping courses for dual major, it is required to take elective courses of the majors to make up for the missing credits
  4. You cannot take the summer course for courses you have not taken or you have withdrawn.
  5. Instructor selection: the chairman at International program in engineering for bachelor selects the instructors for the freshmen class, and committee members of the corresponding majors will select the instructors starting from the sophomore year.
  6. For further inquiries, please contact Ms. Amy Chen in the department office (Extension: 2451)