Program Characteristics

International Program in Engineering for Bachelor is founded in 2017. We emphasize basic educations and integrate resources between departments. At the same time, many excellent teachers will provide curriculum diversification in different fields. The characteristics of this program are described as follows.

█ To cultivate the student ability for international competitiveness

The development of a bilingual university is our primary goal. In order to achieve this target, we have started to promote English teaching in each class since 2002. Recently, in response to international trend, we specially launch an English Bachelor Program in College of Engineering so that the professional knowledge, foreign language skills, and international vision of students can be enhanced. Furthermore, via many opportunities of attending international internships and exchange students, we try to build a complete model of the international teaching environment to cultivate the student ability for international competitiveness.

█ To foster the student to become interdisciplinary professional engineers

The program based on the student-oriented learning environment is provided for creating an engineering interdisciplinary learning platform and extending students' knowledge. Therefore, learning from multiple combinations of interdisciplinary programs can foster the student to become interdisciplinary professional engineers.

█ A「single major」or a「double major」programs

The program can provide an undergraduate student who completes one or two sets of degree requirements. At the first year, students will choose the general engineering courses for gaining the general knowledge of engineering background. In the second to fourth years, according to personal interests, students can choose one major as a「single major」from three fields (i.e., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, and Department of Industrial Engineering and Management) or complete two sets of these three departments as a「double major」. There is sometimes a difference when it takes to pursue a double major compared to a single major, such that it may need to study more hard but the added benefits of a second major include the opportunity to increase your knowledge and the expectation of increased earnings and competitiveness.