Off-Site Learning

University of Bologna, Italy

The Faculty of Engineering in collaboration with the Art Design Department takes part in summer-intensive design courses organized by the University of Bologna in Italy during the summer break. In addition to our students with the University of Bologna, as well as Osaka University from Japan and Tongji University from China to participate in the class together, all the courses are taught in English. Students study a total of 150  hours (including 50 hours of theoretical lessons, 35 hours of lab sessions  plus 36 hour field visit factories, museums, galleries, etc., and 29 hours self-study time). Also, teachers from Yuan Ze University participate in lectures for 4 hours. Furthermore, the course is guided by local teachers to visit three cities of Rome, Florence and Venice. In the rich heritage of Rome, visit the Pantheon arena; in the Renaissance art of origin in Florence, visit the cultural, artistic, architectural heritage; in the water Venice, to experience the special urban space. Students can learn industrial design and other professional knowledge in the course, work together with Japan and the mainland students to create and enhance international exchange and learning experience, and personally visit the famous historical city of Italy. Hence, students can enjoy in-depth understanding of European culture, art, and the historical origins of architecture.