Double Major

What is a "double major"?

The students will be able to learn the engineering contents and development direction of each engineering field and learn engineering related knowledge extensively in the course of their freshman year. According to their personal interests, they will have a chance to learn about mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and materials science, and industrial engineering and management in the three areas of a「single major」or a 「double major」. A 「single major」 is easy to understand, but what is a 「double major」?

In the past, students had to study second specialties in addition to their majors. They were usually required to complete 128 credits of graduation credits for their majors plus another all compulsory courses for the 2nd major. However, if they take second specialty as a minor, the supplementary courses will also be subject to more than 27 credits, resulting in a heavy burden on the students.

This program is designed to allow students to complete two areas of specialization within 128 credits, so students can choose from the following:

※ "Double Major 1": "Mechanical Engineering" + "Chemical Engineering and Materials Science"
※ "Double Major 2": "Mechanical Engineering" + "Industrial Engineering and Management"
※ "Double Major 3": "Chemical Engineering and Materials Science" + "Industrial Engineering and

With the rise of technological innovation and the rise of new industries, the future task of engineering talent tends to diversify, not only to have specific areas of expertise, but also to mix different professional skills to integrate. Therefore, in recent years, university education has gradually attached importance to a variety of professional skills of cross-disciplinary personnel training. The combination of "Double Major", which is planned in this course, will train students to develop two specialties and expand future employment competitiveness, thus becoming a cross-disciplinary professional engineering talent.

So, in response to the world and industry trends, you are determined to accept the challenge?