Bilingual Education

Since 2002, the university has been promoting bilingual university as the general goal of school development. Since 2002, it has been promoting the teaching of English in various schools and becoming the starting point of international education. Nowadays, it is inevitable that fluent English is only a foundation. Therefore, the bilingual university has a new definition so the university is planning a new generation of "bilingual education".

※ Programming language courses

In response to the wave of the industry 4.0, a combination of robots, automated production lines, networking, manufacturing intelligence (i.e., Intelligent Manufacturing) and big data analysis is the future mode of production technology. Hence, having the information capabilities of engineering talent are important. This course is designed for students who are required to complete the compulsory programming language courses in the first and second semesters of the first year. In addition, in the second to fourth years, according to personal interests, students can choose one major as a 「single major」 or complete two sets of these three departments as a 「double major」which students are also planned to enhance the students' information skills.

※ Second foreign language

The International Language and Culture Center provides students with elective courses in many languages ​​including Japanese, Thai, German, French, Spanish and Korean. At present, we have planned to let student study the Spanish course during the internship, so that students can not only improve their English ability but also learn a second foreign language while practicing internship abroad.